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Engine Reconditioning

Mercedes Benz Engine Reconditioning Service in Sydney Located @ Kingsgrove in the Canterbury Bankstown council area

Our Mercedes Engine Reconditioning Service Includes:

New pistons, new oil pump, new rod and main bearings, new timing chain and sliding rails, new rod bushings, New crank seals, New water pump (on V-8 only), New oil pump drive bushings, New valve guides, New valves, New valve springs, New rocker arms, New ball stud adj, New hydraulic lifters, New chain tensioner, Complete gasket set. New or reground camshaft. Replace as needed or new: Timing gears, Flywheel ring gear, Misc. hardware. Block machined to exacting factory specs. Bore and hone cylinders, surface deck. Connecting rods reconditioned, Reground and balanced crankshaft assembly. Cylinder Head is completely remachined including pressure test, resurface, cut seats, hone new guides to size. Installation of cylinder head including valve adjustments. Diesel also includes: rebuilt & calibrated Injection Pump, New injector nozzles, New pre chambers, New rocker arm shafts, New glow plugs.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are among the world's most celebrated automotive masterpieces. The 1954 "gullwing" SL. The 1974 SEL. In these and other classic cars, Silver Star Service Centre restores major components to their original factory specifications.

This restoration work gives our customers the opportunity to maintain their vehicles with reconditioned and, therefore competitively priced, parts. Furthermore, by re-using certain components, reconditioning also ensures a reduced environmental impact.

Reconditioned parts cover the following three major components of your vehicle:

  • The powertrain (i.e., the engine)
  • The drivetrain (which includes the transmission, drive wheel axles and transfer cases)
  • Rotating electrical parts (such as starters and alternators).

For almost 15 years, Silver Star Service Centre has been rebuilding critical automotive components. From transmissions and engine blocks to differentials, transfer cases, and alternators, our Centre provides an invaluable service. We guarantee that only quality Mercedes-Benz parts are used and that repairs are carried out to the highest standard. Not to mention, you have the added comfort of knowing that all work was carried out with the Mercedes-Benz level of quality and built to stringent factory standards.

When rebuilding critical automotive components, each component is completely disassembled, cleaned, and inspected. Rest assured that in all cases, components modified are only replaced using Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts of the latest technological standard, unlike the aftermarket re-manufactured process which may only replace visibly worn parts.

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